I’d love to collaborate with individuals, brands and organisations. Whether it involve photography, writing, photo edits, blog features … email me with any ideas you have, I’m always looking to meet new people and create new art and content!

I’m open to working with all sorts of brands! While promoting your product/s I can:
– Incorporate items into different types of blog posts (on Seafoam)
– Incorporate items into photos posted on my Instagram [ @abbystrangward ], linking your own Instagram account, website, or other social media.
– Review your product/s (including pictures) on my blog (Seafoam)
+ More, feel free to contact me with any ideas!
*please note that ALL products must be 100% cruelty free + environment friendly.

If you’re interested, send me an email below, describing your brand and how it fits with my personal values.



1. Message me at:

Instagram: abbystrangward
Tumblr: abbystrangward

2. Leave a comment on any post, or

3. Email me by filling out this form: