John Marsden and Hatchette Australia Prize, 2016

WINNER – FICTION (age 14), for Marmalade.

From left to right: Charlotte Head (winner, Poetry), Darrelyn Nguyen (winner, Non-fiction), Me

This is an Under 18s award. The award is divided into 3 categories: Fiction, Non-fiction and Poetry, and I won the fiction category. Along with 14 others shortlisted, I attended a masterclass with award-winning author James Phelan, and a meet-and-greet with John Marsden. Winners were also presented with a selection of young-adult titles from Hatchette Publishing, and $500. The award is in its tenth year, and was judged by best-selling Australian YA author John Marsden, and the Publishing Director of Hatchette Australia, Fiona Hazard. Read more

Photos courtesy of Express Media.

All the finalists and winners, on stage.
From left to right: Charlotte Head (Poetry), Darrelyn Nguyen, (Non-fiction), John Marsden, Fiona Hazard, Me
The finalists and award winners, after being presented with their awards on stage.
During the masterclass with James Phealan.
During the master class with James Phelan (pictured right).

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