That’s me –  on the beach at 9pm, in my underwear. Pretty much sums me up.

Hi! I’m Abby, a 15 year old earthling from Australia. What to say? I’m a published writer, avid photographer and passionate creative. I was probably last seen looking confused and obviously on the wrong bus. I live part time on an island, feel at home by the ocean, and I’m the editor in chief of the blog Seafoam

[ I’m also the assistant editor of The Restless Times, a newspaper for the young and inspired. If you love Seafoam, you’re certain to fall in love with it. A new issue comes out every month – view our publication here, and our instagram here ]

I’ve been writing since I was 4 years old, when I wrote out a revised copy of Snow White, edited it with my dad, illustrated it with stickers, and gave it to my mum for her birthday. Since then, I’ve pretty much never had a laptop out of my hand. Most memories concerning me on holidays and at family gatherings probably involve me tucked into a corner, typing away. 

Nothing much has changed.

I’ve evolved from writing huge multi-page fantasy epics (that never got finished, of course) to exploring teenagers, drugs, mental illness, character, emotion and life (bit of a shift, I know). Currently I write a lot of flash fiction (under 1000 words), but I am in the middle of working on my first full length novella. 

I’ve been winning competitions since I was 7 or 8, and I recently won my first national prize (the John Marsden and Hatchette Australia Prize). I’m so excited to keep pursuing what I love, and it’s incredibly amazing to recieve a response like this. But honestly, comments from my readers mean a lot more to me than competitions (*cough* hint hint *cough*). 

view some of my writing here and all my awards here ]

Aside from that, I’ve been developing a huge passion for photography. I asked for my first camera when I was about 7, but fell out of love with it for a while. After I turned 12, I started picking it up again, and suddenly I was the girl who refused to get her camera out of your face. Just a few months ago, I saved up for a big DSLR, and I couldn’t be happier.

I’m also into videography – I can’t help but film big events (or lazy, sun soaked days), and I started editing them together a few years back. Since then, photography and videography have become a huge part of my life, and I just finished shooting two of my friends for a brand I was working with (my first real shoot)! 

view my youtube channel here and my photography here ]

Seafoam is my passion project. It’s a blog focused on youth, inspiration and living. It began in November of 2016, born from late nights, scribbled thoughts, restlessness and passion. What was once my disorganised creative outlet has evolved into something filled with art, discussion, music, photos, adventure and people. I cover everything from activism to nyc galleries, and aim to inspire, change, and live wildly and uncontrolled.

visit Seafoam here ]

And I think that’s about all! If you’re still here, congratulations, and a big hug from me. Leave me a comment somewhere, or email me at (there’s a handy form you can fill out here) – I’d love to get to know you! In the meantime, have a look around. Hope you enjoy xo

I’ll leave you with a few quick facts about me …

Hobbies / yoga, surfing, writing, photography, blogging, reading, film-making, french speaking
Books / the ghosts child, all the bright places, akademie x, the night tolkien died, the book thief, all the light we cannot see, harry potter, looking for alaska, milk and honey

Music /  lorde, of monsters and men, the aquadolls, halsey, birdy, ben howard, bon iver, adele, tom odell, ed sheeran, coldplay, catfish and the bottlemen, daughter, fleetwood mac, woodlock, group love, milky chance, the crookes …
Loves / stripes, polaroids, rain, film cameras, thai food, friends (the show), banana bread, the ocean, face masks, bubble baths, magazines, really big doonas, sourdough, flowy pants, the colour red and natural light.

 Find me here:
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Find Seafoam here:
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